What is a Kodiak Canuck? By the very word Canuck, I could say I'm a born Canadian, or I could say I follow the "Vancouver Canucks", which is one of six Canadian teams in the National Hockey League. I grew up on an island in British Columbia, and now live on an Island in the North Pacific, known as Kodiak, the "Emerald Isle".

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Processing Sockeye Salmon Summer 2014 Kenai Alaska

Trip to British Columbia with our Granddaughters Lily and Lauren August 2014

Friday, June 20, 2014

Personal Use fishing at Kasilof Alaska

What a blessing to fish with my two sons Jon and Richard on Father's Day

Some of the 39 Sockeye Salmon we caught in the Upper Cook Inlet Personal Use fishery

Richard and Jon cleaning the fish

Linda wrestling a King Salmon

Linda, Jon and "Gus"

Kasilof Beach personal use fishing in June 2014

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Group photo taken at "Hearts Going Towards Wellness" on Lazy Mountain, Palmer Alaska, October 2013

After living in the city of Kodiak on Kodiak Island for 26 years, we felt God leading us to Kenai Alaska on the mainland in June 2013. We will be continuing with our mission agency, "InterAct Ministries, Inc" - but are on loan to "ALASKA FREEDOM JOURNEY" - a native led ministry looking at teaching and discipleship of Alaskan peoples. Part of this is the continuing ministry of "HEARTS GOING TOWARDS WELLNESS". (see our growing website: www.heartsgtwellness.org
We will be adding some photos of our recent HGTW conference that took place on "Lazy Mountain" in Palmer Alaska Oct 3-7 2013.
God Bless you.
Alan & Linda Ross

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We had an amazing 17th Annual Kodiak Crusade for Christ in November and then

traveled to two Kodiak villages, Ouzinkie and Port Lions. God put together a pretty interesting team made up mainly of folks from the Anchorage Native New Life Fellowsip. Gary Simple from Venetie, Alaska near Fort Yukon, on the Arctic Circle, was one of our speakers. Gary has been in Kodiak a number of times for our Crusades. Many of the people attending enjoyed his music and speaking, as well as the others from Anchorage. We were blessed by being able to travel to Ouzinkie and Port Lions. Many of our friends there, appreciated our coming.. Great traveling weather, except for the last day, when we got weathered in, in Port Lions. Even that was a blessing as we met together for prayer with a number of folks from the Hillside Bible Chapel. After prayer that eveing, the winds just dropped right off allowing us to return to Kodiak the next morning.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Breton Daniel Ross

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our delightful granddaughter Abigail Raine Tourbin, dressed up as a lion at her home in Port Angeles, Washington. "Abbie" has two older sisters, Elena, and Ava. But look at those beautiful dark eyes. Love it. I think this photo was taken in October 2009. Abbie's parents are Eric and Rebekah Tourbin

Harli Lin Ross at 14 months

Harli Lin Ross at 14 months. This photo and a few more were sent to us from Harli's parents Richard and Jennifer Ross. She is very photogenic don't you think. We are especially excited for Harli's parents as she is going to have a brother born into their home the summer of 2010. We're pretty excited ourselves, as this will be the first "Ross grandson" to born into our family. See that red hair? It's a Ross trait. Harli has a number of cousins who have this same color hair. We think see's a little doll.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mary's Writing Nook: Granny Ross: A Leader in History

Mary's Writing Nook: Granny Ross: A Leader in History